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  • Mammoth Bird and Trout
    Mammoth Bird and Trout
  • Coffin Handle Vest Bowie
    Blackwood Coffin Handle Vest Bowie
  • CM154 with 416 Bolsters and Sambar Stag
    CM154 with 416 Bolsters and Sambar Stag
  • Bullnose Skinner as seen in Blade Magazine, November 2013
    San Saba Pecan Bullnose Skinner- Blade Magazine November 2013
  • Micarta Pig Skinner
    Canvas Micarta Skinner
  • Llano Legend with Ram Horn and Hamon
    Llano Legend with Ram Horn and Hamon
  • Juniper and Mesquite Llano Legend
    Juniper and Mesquite Llano Legend

Imagine… You’ve hiked for hours, and now the bighorn sheep in your Leica rangefinder is 432 yards on the other side of the canyon. Your Kimber rifle roars, and the trophy falls. As you approach your kill, what knife is in your hand? Is your knife worthy of the story?

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My mailing list gets an advance look at every available knife, before I post the knife for sale on the internet.  This is the fastest way to get your hands on a Fry Custom Knife. Emails come about once a month.

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I am taking custom orders on a limited basis for complex or forged knives. I’m interested in orders for fine hunters, frame handles, bowies, daggers, or historical pieces.

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