In September 2012 I finished building my 2×72 No Weld Grinder with a 1 HP motor and step pulleys for three speeds.  This was a major improvement over my Craftsman 2×42.  Today I finished another major improvement: I made the grinder variable speed.

I purchased a 220v 3 phase 2HP Leeson motor and a KB-27 variable frequency drive.  The new setup is twice as powerful, much quieter, and has infinitely variable adjustment between about 0 and 3400 SFPM of belt speed.  This should help me to have cleaner grinds, cleaner finishes, improved belt life, and should overall increase both quality and quantity of the knives coming out of my shop.

In the middle of the project, some of my “belt hanger” antlers fell off the wall and hit me in the head.  No sweat or tears in this project, but blood at least.  No major injury, and the grinder is going to be sweet 🙂







Written by : Jason