Project Description

Some may wonder why “Baptism?”  This is knife #238.  Those who know my heritage know that like 728B, 2:38 is a well known numerical reference.  If you could read the Bible in the pictures, you’d see it open to the second chapter of Acts, the 38th verse of which reads, “Peter replied, repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will recieve the gift of the Holy Spirit.”  Repentence is a call to change your ways, to turn from the way you were going and to head in the opposite direction, which is exactly what I’d do if someone were in front of me wielding this knife.  The knife is 12 1/4 inches overall, with a 7 inch blade of 1080 carbon steel satin finished to 1000 grit.  The guard is wrought iron with G10 and stainless steel spacers.  The handle is stabilized spalted maple burl.  This is a knife of several “firsts.”  It’s my first fighter style with a double guard, my first domed pins, and my first time to use wrought iron fittings. For those who don’t know about wrought iron, it’s etched to bring out the natural inclusions that appear as texture on the guard.  To etch the guard requires that the entire handle be completely finished before final glue-up, which requires bedding the tang the use of alignment pins.  All that adds up to alot of time and hard work.  This knife will be available at the Lone Star Knife Expo in Dallas, TX April 13-14, 2013.