Project Description

My brother Travis Fry is also a knifemaker.  Over the July 4 holiday, he and I built this knife together at his house in Katy, Tx.  The knife began its life in another knifemaker’s shop.  After his passing, his family put this piece of steel into a lot of supplies that Travis later purchased.  The maker had ground a curve on one end, and the piece of steel was a shade more than 8 inches long.  Travis and I started with the maker’s original curve and started drawing blade profiles.  This knife is the design we settled on, a bullnose skinner, and it incorporates the original curve on the butt of the handle.  We each spent time at the grinder, working on the 600 grit satin finish, and shaping the black G10 handles with red G10 liners.  The tang is tapered, and the knife has 1/4″ stainless steel pins.  The knife has cut swedges as well.  We marked the knife with a simple Fry and the state of Texas.