Project Description

I don’t do many stick tang knives.  The style lends itself to forging, but I do mostly stock removal.  Even so, I put one together once in a while.  This particular knife has a blade of 3/16 1080 carbon steel with a 600 grit satin finish.  The guard is 3/8″ 416 stainless with red G-10 and stainless spacers.  The handle is Osage, a wood called by many names: bois d’arc, bodark, hedge, horse apple.  The sheath is my work as well.  I was talking about this knife with ABS Mastersmith Harvey Dean.  We were talking about fitting guards and I was saying how hard a time I had fitting this guard due to it being from 3/8 stock compared to my usual 1/4 thick guards.  Harvey said, “Well, quit making them out of 3/8 then.”  Well said, Harvey.  Another gem from that conversation: “Never give up a chance to sell a knife.”