Project Description

I live in Texas, where three snowflakes in a row are enough to close the schools.  We just had our fourth or fifth snow day this winter, and we usually only have one or sometimes two.  Since we’ve had so many, I took off a half a day of work.   In addition to playing in the ice with my kids, I also got enough shop time to finish up this knife.  My grandpa used to have a hat that said, “I finally got it all together but I forgot where I put it.”  This knife is kind of the opposite of that.  I bought a bar of 1084/15n20 random Damascus off of Knifedogs about 4 years ago.  I found it a few weeks ago and finally decided to make a knife or two out of it.  The handle material also comes with a story.  About four years ago, a local knifemaker passed away.  About two years ago, I bought a bunch of his equipment and handle material.  This month, through another connection, we ended up going to the guy’s house.  All the original owners are gone, but there was still some handle material around, so I made them an offer.  It had just been sitting in a cabinet since the day he died.  This piece of stabilized blackwood was in the batch I just bought, which also included several stag tapers, crowns, rolls, and an oosic.  So from forgotten wood and forgotten Damascus, I made this knife.  OAL is 9 1/4 with a blade length of 3 7/8.  Guard is 416 with a 416 and a black fiber spacer.  Probably will be on the table at the Lone Star show in April, unless I send it home with somebody before then.