Updates & Musings

Vine Filework

The vine and thorns filework pattern is one of the more popular filework patterns.  Almost every knife maker attempts it at one point.  After I'd done it a few times, I [...]

How I Etch My Name

I remember when I was trying to figure out how to mark my knives, there wasn't much out there on the internet other than expensive stamps or electric etching machines. [...]

How I Build A Knife

I learned to build knives mostly by trial and error, and by reading all kinds of material online.  It seems there is a lack of simple tutorials, so I thought I'd make [...]

Llano Legend

I've deer hunted with my best friend for nearly 25 years in Llano, TX.  His place provides the inspiration for this model, the Llano Legend.  A great hunting and skinning [...]

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