Updates & Musings

Spicewood Special

This is one of my two named models.  I call it the Spicewood Special, after Spicewood, TX, where my grandparents going back three generations have farmed and ranched.   I still deer [...]

Jared’s Knife

Like most good dads, I try to help my kids be involved in what I'm involved in.  My 6 year old son Jared approached me the other day while I [...]

Folding Knives

I've taken the next step in the knifemaker progression and started making a few folding knives. I'm not fast at them yet, but the knifemaking skills still translate into a [...]

Schrade Style Skinner

Schrade knife company made many classic designs before going out of business in 2004.  Their designs inspired these knives.   This knife is 1080 with osage handles and stainless pins. [...]

Clip Point Skinner

This knife is a clip point version of a small skinning knife.  Overall length is 8 inches, with a blade length of 3 3/4 inches.  Handle material is cocobolo wood [...]

’58 Ford and Ruidoso Burl Hunter

While I may occasionally buy handle material and bar stock online, I grind or forge every blade I make.  Some "knife makers" buy a blank off of the internet, handle [...]

Axis EDC

Here's a good example of a drop point EDC (Every Day Carry) knife.  Overall length is 6 inches, with a blade length of 3 inches.  This particular one is 1/8 [...]

Triple D

This is a knife modeled after one of my first, a model I call the Triple D, for Deer Disassembly Device.  It's the perfect size, shape, and weight for field processing [...]

How I Build a Knife

I'm working on a threesome of knives for a customer, and I've been sending him picture updates as I make progress.  Since I'm taking progressive pictures, I decided to take [...]

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