This is a knife modeled after one of my first, a model I call the Triple D, for Deer Disassembly Device.  It’s the perfect size, shape, and weight for field processing of deer and other medium to large game.  This particular knife is made from a USA-made file.  The handle material is mesquite from Bertram, TX.  The knife has copper liners which contrast well with the reddish wood.  It also has a mosaic pin, and broken wave filework along the spine, which also provides grip in the thumb rest area.  The knife has a flat grind with at 20 degree secondary bevel.  Price range for the Triple D is currently from $160 on up, depending on options. 

Triple D
Triple D

This one is one of my more recent.  Blade is 1/8″ 1080 bar stock, with camel bone handles, cross filework, and a mosaic pin.





Here’s another variation of the Triple D, this one from a file, handled with some of the same elm from Bertram, with brass pins and cross filework.  It has a slightly more round handle profile than the original Triple D.


Here is a third variation, with a slightly deeper blade profile.  This knife is from a circular saw blade, with wild plum wood handles, a mosaic pin, and triangular filework.


Here is a knife I made for a customer who ordered a copy of the first knife in this post.  File, mosaic pins, copper liners, Bertram elm, and broken wave filework.

Triple D

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Written by : Jason