Ordering a custom knife.

My books are currently open on a limited basis for custom orders. Complex or forged pieces are preferred at this time. I will still be making knives available periodically to my mailing list as I am able. If you want a utility hunter or EDC, please join the mailing list.

My pricing is based on several factors.  One factor is the materials involved.  Better materials cost more.  For example, this price difference is seen between straight grain vs. burl wood, mosaic vs. solid pins, or stag vs. ivory.  Another factor is intricacy of construction.  A simple full tang knife with pinned handles takes less time to make than a knife with bolsters, a hidden tang with a guard, or a frame handle.  Also, knives with a matte finish or machine finish take less time to construct than knives with a mirror finish.  Small knives are generally cheaper than large knives of similar construction, as there’s more time and materials involved in making a large knife.

I generally make all of the sheaths that go with my knives.   A sheath is included in the price on most small and hunting style knives.  Occasionally a special sheath may be quoted separately.  I can make the sheath right or left handed, horizontal or vertical carry, depending on the knife and how the customer intends to use it. Complex projects may be quoted with a sheath or a display stand.


Custom Knife Options
  • Bare Bones
  • $150 to $200
  • Carbon Steel
  • Wood or Synthetic Handle
  • Standard pins
  • Basic sheath
  • The Basic Knife
  • $200 to $400
  • Carbon, Stainless or D2 steel
  • Burl or stabilized wood
  • Partial filework
  • Tooled Sheath
  • Show All Your Friends
  • $300 to $400+
  • Bolsters
  • Full Filework
  • Hamon (Carbon Only)
  • Sambar Stag or Ivory
  • The Works
  • $300+
  • Damascus
  • Double Bolsters
  • Filework Spacers
  • Fancy ivory
  • Complex construction

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