Blade’s Guide to Buying Knives


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For knife buyers, this book has all the answers you’re looking for: the terms, the types, the specifications. Where do you get quality knives, and what separates the quality from the junk.  For knife makers, this is the perfect book for your best customers and for those who ask all the questions!

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46 in stock

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Read this before you make your next knife purchase!

When you begin to accumulate knives, you probably do so because you need to cut things. Then perhaps you progress to wanting to cut things well, so you begin purchasing better knives. Eventually you find yourself occasionally buying a knife simply because you want it. Are you now an acquirer, a collector or a full-blown knife-buying addict?

Regardless of why your assemblage of blades continues to grow, knowledge is power, and there’s a seemingly endless number of basic questions that you need answered to get the most for your money. That’s where this book comes in.

In cooperation with BLADE® Magazine and BLADE Show, the world’s largest knife show, author Jason Fry delves into the intricacies of buying, selling and trading knives of every type. If you’ve ever looked at a knife and wondered if it’s priced fairly, if it would make it a good investment, or if it’s designed adequately for your next task, this is where to start your search for answers.

Also included is a special 16-page color photo reference section showing examples of knife types and conditions cited in the book, further teaching buyers what to look for in their quest for their next purchase.

BLADE’s Guide to Buying Knives will help you understand

– Knife tiers: cheap, factory/production, mid-tech, handmade/custom, collectible/art/investment

– Basic knife types, parts, and terms, with diagrams

– Basics of knife steels

– Collecting strategies

– Purchasing pitfalls to avoid

– Smart ways to shop at retailers, knife shows and online

– How to buy from dealers and on the secondary market

The knife industry has grown at a dizzying pace during the past decade, with more manufacturers and custom makers producing excellent products than ever before. This is your guide to understanding the price of slice!

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