Jason Fry Utility Hunter by White River Knife and Tool

This is my classic utility hunter design, made in USA by White River Knife and Tool.  My specifications, my design, my material choices, and White River quality.  Right hand leather sheath by Smith and Sons.

This product is available for purchase.  Here’s a video with the technical specifications.

Specifications Video

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BLADE’s Guide to Buying Knives

If you want to know what all the knife words mean… if you want to know what the steel types are and how they’re different… if you want to know where to buy a good knife, or how to tell quality from junk, this is the book for you.

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Knifemaking Hacks: 384 Tips to Make Knives Like the Pros

Knifemaking Hacks: 384 Tips to Make Knives Like the Pros condenses the experience and wisdom that knifemaker Jason Fry has learned in 13 years of turning steel into custom creations, plus words of wisdom from some of the world’s finest knifemaking artisans. The book features professional photos of over 100 inspirational custom knives by some of the world’s best knifemakers.

Here are a few examples of what you’ll find inside:

  • Harvey Dean said the tool that made the biggest difference in his work was a riding lawnmower. If you can find faster ways to get the chores done, you’ll have more time to make knives.
  • If you want to quench steel in water or brine, even with “water hardening” steels like W2, you should expect to break some blades. Water and brine cool very quickly, but also inconsistently. You’re better off with engineered quench oil.
  • Steel is the cheapest part of your knife. Labor is the most expensive part. If you get “free” steel and it fails, you’ve wasted your labor to save a small percentage.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned knifemaker or just getting started, this collection is sure to fuel you with fresh inspiration the next time you make knives.
  • Each copy purchased direct from Jason through this website is autographed!
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Next Level Knifemaking

Next Level Knifemaking is a collection of essays written by 17 industry experts that cover a range of topics that both novice and expert alike will benefit from when asking the question, “What can I do to take myself to the next level?” With chapters on art, heat treating, selecting machinery, marketing your knives, photography, business development, knifemaking tools, and much more. Next Level Knifemaking provides you with expert guidance that will to help you reach the next level in your pursuit of the knifemaking craft. Essay Contributing authors include:

  • Salem Straub
  • Tracy Mickley
  • Geoff Keyes
  • Larrin Thomas
  • Brad Stallsmith
  • Dave Ferry
  • Tom Lewis
  • Bob Ohlemann
  • Mark Bartlett
  • Ed Braun
  • Lin Rhea
  • Erin Healy
  • Dustin Rhodes
  • Joshua Swanagon
  • Jim Cooper
  • Ed Caffrey
  • John Gulso
  • Shanna Jantz-Kemp
  • Nathan Carothers
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